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What is the Horicon Marsh Management Committee (MMC)?

The MMC, which first met in March 1998, is a group of concerned individuals, members of various organizations, representatives from local, state, and federal units of government that share an interest in the well being of the Horicon Marsh ecosystem. The mission of the MMC is to guide the management of the Horicon Marsh for the benefit of a healthy ecosystem and the people who enjoy it.

What are the goals of the MMC?

In its planning and evaluation process, the MMC will focus its attention on making improvements and maintaining gains in the following aspects of the Horicon Marsh ecosystem management.

  • Integration of management with connected waters
  • Water quality
  • Plant community
  • Fishery
  • Wildlife use
  • Management of human uses
  • Surrounding land use
  • Funding and support for MMC projects
  • Education and communication regarding the Horicon Marsh ecosystem

What are some of the proposed Habitat Development Projects that the MMC is currently trying to raise funding for?

Redhead Impoundment Rearing Pond
This project entails modifying the abandoned Redhead Dike on the east side of the HMWA to allow for seasonal flooding and complete drainage of the impoundment. Up to 20,000 northern pike fry could be reared there each spring. This project would also allow the use of another small pond for rearing another 10,000 northern pike fry.


Wild Rice Establishment
This project involves planting wild rice seed on selected sites in an attempt to restore a historically important habitat type within large bays and pools in the Marsh.


Pothole Restoration
Historically, potholes were a dominant feature of the Horicon Marsh. However, due to various factors, up to 90% of this habitat has been lost to cattail expansion since 1975. Restoring this habitat is one key to broad ecosystem restoration on the Marsh. Selected techniques for battling cattail expansion include the use of an herbicide and by crushing/mowing. These techniques will be used to restore small (up to 3 acres) potholes within Horicon Marsh.


What can I do to support the efforts?

Anyone that has an interest in the management of the Horicon Marsh is invited to join the MMC.

The MMC gladly accepts donations of any amount to further habitat development on the Marsh. Currently, there is the potential for receiving federal grant monies amounting to a $0.50 match for every $1.00 in project funding that can be raised.

For more information about the MMC, please contact Andy Nelson at (920) 387-7860.

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