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Marsh Melodies Bird Festival weekend, May 6th thru the 9th, provided a great opportunity for bird lovers to see and learn more.

Bird banning demonstration was one opportunity to learn and see the birds up close.


Bill Volkert teaches the crowd many interesting facts about these birds.


Checking the bird's fat is one piece of information that is recorded.



The birds are first caught in this hand woven net.


The bird is banned with the correct ban size and the proper information is documented.


Then the birds are released. Take note, catching and banning birds should be done only by certified professionals.


Plenty of places to walk and get close to the birds.


Bird banning was one way to see the birds. Also, there were hikes, bus tours, and pontoon boat rides to see a variety of birds.


How many birds can you find in this photo?


Hiking on the boardwalk. It is by the Auto Tour off Hwy 49.


Anyway you look there is wildlife and plenty of birds.


Great view of the marsh and it's wildlife.


Julie Pottner, Larry Vine, and Snikie the Corn Snake.


Jack Bartholmai photo display of birds are at the Marsh Haven Nature Center.


Here are some of the mounted wild birds of prey Barbara Harvey had on display. Barbara spoke on the benefits and struggles these birds are having.


Winning painting of the Wisconsin Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest.


There was 534 pictures entered into the contest and here are some examples.


Laurence Sullivan is standing next to his 2nd place art work.


Marsh Night Sounds gave the audience the ability to listen to and identify the sounds in the night.


Here are the two youngest night time bird watchers with their mother.