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100% vandalism is what the landowner has to say. Tracks walking in, string found at the scene, and an amateur job give evidence to a hoax. July 06, 2005. Word has it that it is a wedding ring and a champagne glass to celebrate the anniversary of the TW crop circles.







Look straight ahead and you will see the center of the top of the glass and tracks leading into the next circle.


Notice the center of the circle is not inline with the path.


Here is a close up shot of some broken stalks.


Notice how the wide path leads into the bottom of the small circle. It leads to the left.


Here is a view from the bottom of the glass looking up to the top of the glass.


Here you can see the path is not straight.


This is the path that leads into the ring crop circle.


A view of the center circle in the center of the ring crop circle.


Top right section of the ring. Notice what laid down first.


This view is from the top of the ring looking to the glass.


A view of Hwy 28 and people stopping to view the ring and glass crop circles.


Please remember a lot of good crop was wasted. 100% vandalism.