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3-D archery shoot at the Horicon Marsh Bowmen club grounds on June 18th, 2005. Three-dimensional targets give new level of excitement and skill.

Here are two of the signs to greet you as you drive in.


Horicon Marsh Bowmen (HMB) member demonstrates his skills.


Another demonstration by an HMB member.


Beware of the marsh filled with cobras and alligators.


Beware of the huge spider and creatures from outer space.


Always be prepared to save the earth from alien invaders.


It's a good thing to have some archers around.


Some of the archers were young and eager to learn.


Silhouette of a young archer.


Plenty of opportunity to practice your skills at this weekend event.


Keeping score and finding your arrow is part of the game.


Brain Lemke did not have to go far to find his arrow... right in the apple where it belongs.


Tony Bergh, Todd Seiler, Tony Seiler, and Phil Canalas all scored on their first two shots.


NIce buck. World record 5x5 James Jordan Buck, Pope & Young 206 1/8.


Hole in the Horn is considered the most famous deer in the world. Pope & Young 328 2/8.


This pre-historic dinosaur was one of the creatures set up for the shoot.


It's a good thing to have a camera handy or no one would believe you.


Not ever day that you can see an African rhinoceros in the marsh.


Beware of the tiger.


Be alarmed of grizzlies.


The fox and turkey are common to the Horicon Marsh.


Inventor John Rienhart shares the history of his 3-D targets.


Water Bottle Shoot is one the novelty shoots on Sunday afternoon.


Reiny Kuechler wins the Water Bottle Shoot and the target.


Steel Buck Contest tests your shooting skill only by hitting the primary target.


Brian Raprager wins the Steel Buck Contest and the target.


If you missed this event look forward to next year.