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Bunny Berigan Jazz Jubilee

Rev. Al Townsend's Bunny Memorial Band starts out at Mullins Drive-in.

Rev. Al Townsend

Pete Runde


Carmen Lane


Don Cheesebro


Steve Clay

Prof. Tom Wirkus


Special guest Bob Schultz - Wisconsin great jazz cornetist.


Dave MacGregor's Vagabond Reeds

Dave MacGregor, Horald Smith & Bob Schultz


Jack Meilahh jazzing with his partners Grant Krueger, Guy Florenza, & Jack Carr.


Monday Morning Dixie Band

Bill Doll on clarinet and click image for Ben Drenkhahn on trumpet.


Bill Korst on drums and click image for Al Johnson on banjo.


Pete Peterson on trombone and click image for Ed Engebretson on tuba.

Charlie Mears' Avenue Sizzlers with Ginny O'Brian and Greg Smith plays clarinet.


Larry Crocker and click image for Jim Jackson, Bob Junceau, Ginny O'Brian, & Charlie Mears.


Jerry Marting on trombone and click image for Tom Kennedy.

Jack Farina's Big Band Swing


Jack Farina's Big Band Swing


Jam Session at Twin Shores Restaurant and Lounge.

We also had pleasure enjoying the historic phonograph.


Special thanks to Ken & Joyce Hansen.

Precision Auto - Mayville, Wisconsin