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War of 1812 re-enactors closing the tent in the morning.


Posing in front of the 1812 cannon.


Re-enactors of the 25th Regiment of U.S. Infantry during the war.


Getting ready to fire the cannon.


Getting canon ready.


Loading the cannon.


Canon ready.




The Citizens Guard Company "A" 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment.


Members of Company "A" 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment on parade.


Company "A" 2nd Wisconsin Regiment sharing thoughts.




The Fox Lake Railroad Museum houses many displays and a summer kitchen on the same grounds.


Fox Lake Railroad Depot Museum


Gary Klass, commander of the 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment inside the Railroad Museum.



People watching the Blacksmith, Michael Smith, at his live exhibit.


Michael Smith (Smithy) getting his forge hot.


Hammering the fork into shape.


Blacksmith demonstrates how to create and start a fire


The hands of Michael Smith as he creates and starts a fire.


Keep your materials dry in a tight container..


Finished merchandise.


John Fenner speaks on the Military Road that brought settlers to Fox Lake.

John Fenner shares maps that show the different sections of the Military Road. One section ran about 100 ft. from the site of his talk at Clausen Park.


An audience enjoying John Fenner, from Green Bay, as he portrayed Captain Martin Scott, builder of the Military Road.

Dr. Jack Steinbring speaks about the Underground Railroad.


Jennifer Giedd, of Beaver Dam, speaks about the Underground Railroad and its presence in the Fox Lake area.


Augusta Butterfield Blake, first public school teacher in Dodge County portrayed by Ginger KleltyKa at the commentary tour.


Harriet Purdy Stevens, wife of George Stevens who lost life at Gettysburg. Portrayed by Shirley Bryant at cemetery tour.


Julie Flemming, chairman of Fox Lake Historical Days, portraying Phoebe Ferguson. Phoebe was one of the first settlers of Fox Lake.


Stodard Judd, Land Office Agent, portrayed by John Slavensky. Judd operated the Satellite Land office from Green Bay to Fox Lake so settlers did not have to travel to Green Bay.

Margaret Roberts portrayed by Elinor Czarnecki during the cemetery walk.


Tom Klas, Company "A" 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment re-enactors, portraying Frank Dexter, a Civil War Soldier, during the commentary walk.


Quilt displayed at the Quilt & Fiber Show.


A crocheted flag of the United States on display.


Hand-carved ducks by Troy Kirchoff


Kids Fisheree at Riverside Park on the flooded Mill Creek. Sponsored by the Fox Lake Chamber of Commerce.


Pontoon boat rides offered by the Fox Lake Chamber of Commerce on beautiful Fox Lake.


Mill Creek was flooded.



Viewing the Fox Lake area from the top of Clausen Tower. The tower was built in the 1950s.

Precision Auto - Mayville, Wisconsin