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Dan Ingebrightson
Santa & His Beard
Edward Jones / Flyway Travel - 1st Place

David Andrews
Star of Wonder, Star of Light
Carriage Haus Shop - 2nd Place

Craig Yanek
Chase, Schuessler Atty. - 3rd Place

Arno Damerow
Crystal Snow

Greg Moerner
Star on Top of Tree

Chris Andrews
Ghost of Christmas Past

Jeff Olsen
Santa Down the Chimney

Aron Hlavinka
Abstract Piece

Doug Scherrinsky
Cat in the Hat

Mark Mayzik

Mike Mayzik
Christmas Bells

Matt Mayzik
Chistmas Star

Kate Stalker
Santa Stuck in the Chimney

Matt Karshna
Christmas Folly

Enjoying a day of Ice Sculpturing weather.