Roxy's Riverside Restaurant - Mayville (Kekoskee), Wisconsin
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Outer ring of key chain.

Center of key chain.

Outer ring of key chain.

Center of key looking to the bottom of the key.

Inside the barbell looking to the key chain.

One tooth of the key.

The other tooth of the key.

What did cause this?

Stepping into the key chain.


Team observation.

Sketching the crop circle and the direction of the corn.

Looking at the crop pattern.

Examining the evidence.

Mechanical scrapings.

Mechanical scrapings.
100% Authentic Genuine Hoax - Consensus Report
Evidence 1: Mechanical scrapings on the stalks of the corn about 18in up.
Evidence 2: Dried mud prints on the leaves.
Evidence 3: The way the stalks fell.
Evidence 4: Stalks broken and snapped clean.
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