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Old Macdonald is alive and well in Wisconsin.  The man who feeds the world also feeds this pheasant.  In the deep midwinter, snows accumulate over the fields covering a plentiful supply of corn and beans.  The pheasants gather in the sun of late afternoon to scratch out their dainty morsels in full view of Bessie, the heifer.

Eager for spring loam this plow practices on snow.  The mouldboards do not mold but rust until made shiny .from waking up the soil  Old Macdonald waits while his plow dreams.

“Partly cloudy with the wind out of the west at about 5 miles an hour highs in the teens…” buzzes from a radio that only cows in the barn can hear.  Old Macdonald knows February in Wisconsin.  “Everybody Polka!” as the cows pick up their ears and their skirts the bull is not amused

Jack Frost is contour plowing in the middle of winter.

Moss grows on rocks only in the vertical valleys where moisture stays.  The sun and the cold paint with green on white quartzite.

Gleaners on New Year’s Day.  These are true survivors of Thanksgiving celebrating their luck and the bounty of Wisconsin agriculture.  Corn is the main part of their horn of plenty.

Palisades are decorated with green and white, icicles and snow.  These frozen groundwater seeps keep the bleak midwinter in lace and frills.

Come visit Wisconsin for sights and sounds all year round.  Do not rule out abundant beauty in the cold.  Or we’ll see you in the spring.  The vines are ready for leaves

Story provided by Weldon Kunzeman.