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The horse trail is now 15 miles long. The trailhead starts at the parking lot on highway 60. The Goose Trail in itself is a multi-use trail . There are certain areas where the horses are to travel the grassy area next to the limestone path because of natural obstacles that could not be changed when building the trail. Signing is posted along the trail and at the crossover areas where the horse trail exists from one side to the other of the bicycle trail.

At the trailhead parking lot , you will find a hitch rail to tie your horse to while you take a break to go to the portapotty. To the left you will see a directional sign taking you out to the horse trail where you will start to ride on the area next to the grassy area next to the bike trail. This area winds through trees and is a pleasant ride , but is a bit soggy in wet weather. About two miles down the trail is the area gun club's shooting range. There is a large berm area between the trail and the backside of the gun club, but please be aware of the possibility of gun shots in area.

Next stop is the City of Juneau about five miles from the start of the trail Here the trail runs on the east edge of the town and goes by the United coop gas station. This is a good spot to get something to eat or drink and to use the restroom. There is enough space to let your horse graze while you relax. From here on you will be riding the grassy area next to the bike path. Remember safety and courtesy is important for all trail users any try to clean up any manure or trash.

Back on the trail on the north side of the City of Juneau beyond Clearveiw is where the Wild Goose Park is located. Here you will find parking spaces, toilets and showers. From here north the trail runs parallel to Highway 26 and you will see the Dodge County Airport on your left where you may get to see airplanes landing or departing over your head!

There is an information kiosk and picnic tables at the corners of Highway 26 and 33. The Goose station is across the highway. They serve a great breakfast and are close to the trail. This a great place to gas up your truck for the trip home.

Down the trail is Minnesota Junction. Here is another large parking area, porta-potty, hitch rail and a shady area for a quick nap.

Heading on down the trail you will cross Prospect Road. Here you will have some gently rolling hills to ride. From here to Burnett, you may see assorted wildlife and deer tracks on the trail. Once you reach Burnett you may encounter a lot of Canadian geese. Coming into town you will be on the grass next to the train switch track for Peachey's Elevator. Here there is an uncapped artesian well. The water is fresh, cold and always available for drinking. There are two places in town to get great food at Thiede's or the Robin's Nest. Coming up on the trail is Ditch Road. This leads to a Department of Natural Resources parking lot that you can also use to access the Goose trail. You can view the Horicon Marsh from this lot.

The next road you will cross will be Island Road. This dead end road leads to another DNR parking lot we can use. It is also used for dog trails and hunting and provides another great view of the marsh.

About a mile down the trail is a sturdy wooden bridge strong enough to support a truck spanning a small creek bed. Depending on the weather, the creek may be dry or as deep as a foot.

The next few miles are though farm fields, making this prime territory to view geese, deer and turkey.  During the hunting season it is strongly advised that you wear blaze orange while using the trail. Hunting is not permitted on or across the trail, but safety always comes first.

The horse trail ends at Pautsch Road, but the bike trail continues on into Fond du Lac County. If you wish to venture off the trail and onto the county and back roads, use caution. Most of the roads are lightly traveled, which allows you to take advantage of a whole day of nonstop riding and adventures.

Written By:
Don Schwandt

Edited By:
Jan Pieper and Jeffifer Warmke

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